I have been painting in oils since I was 12 years old. After many years and travails, experiments, successes and failures, the last 10 years have been spent perfecting my craft,  finding myself as an artist, and redefining what calls to me inspiration-wise. I have bravely returned to painting the figure and portraits after a twenty year hiatus, continued to develop my love of painting birds and other wildlife, my whimsical 'rocket doodles' and otherworldly space stations, and my beloved 'Birds 'n' Bots' ideas. Here, you will find a grand accumulation of all of them...and an ongoing series of additions to the whole as the journey continues. For indepth information about each painting as it is created, please visit my art blog Daub du Jour at http://daubdujour.blogspot.com/

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Meanwhile, please enjoy...


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